Episodes 31-60

第41話 日本神話 / Japanese Mythology

Episodes 31-60

第40話 梅雨 / rainy season

n this episode, K talk about 梅雨(つゆ)*rainy season... 40-Tsu-yu-Rainy-Season保存
Episodes 31-60

第39話 Tokaido – Edo-Kyoto Highway / 東海道-江戸と京を結ぶ道

In this Episode, I talk about Tokaido.Tokaido was most famous road for tourist in Edo period*1603~1868. For what purpose...
Episodes 31-60

第38話 Pokémon, Dragon Ball…About Anime / ポケモン、ドラゴンボール…アニメについて

n this episode, K talk about anime, which K watched or read ever. 38-Pokemon-Dragon-Ball…保存
Episodes 31-60

第37話 Good-Bye Sapporo / 札幌バイバイ

The final episode from Sapporo City in Hokkaido. 37-Good-Bye-Sapporo保存
Bonus Episode

第36話+ The Lacking Word “ra” /「ら抜き言葉」

I talk about the famous mistakes in Japanese grammar "ら抜き言葉" 36-The-Lacking-Word-ra保存
Episodes 31-60

第36話 Spoken language and Written language / 話し言葉と書き言葉

In this episode, we think about the differences between spoken language and written language. 36-Spoken-language-and-Wri...