Episodes 31-60

第34話 Preparing for Moving to another town / 新しいまちへの引っ越し準備

In this episode, I talk about Moving. let's learn new vocabulary about moving with K! 34-Preparing-for-Moving-to-another...
Episodes 31-60

第33話 Perfect Game performed by “Monster of Reiwa”/ 「令和の怪物」が完全試合

Today's topic is my favorite sport: baseball. K introduce you to the Japanese most talented baseball player Roki Sasaki,...
Episodes 31-60

第32話 Why K started ”Japanese with K” ? / なぜKはJapanese with Kを始めたの?

In this episode, I tell you why I started Japanese with K last year and about the future. 32-Why-K-started-Japanese-with...