第6話 Which language family does Japanese belong to? / 日本語は何語族?

Today I want to talk about what family of language Japanese belong to.В этом подкасте я расскажу о том, что к какой язы...

第5話 The work styles of Japan / 日本の働き方

Today I want to talk about how Japanese people working in company. Сегодня я расскажу о том, что как работают Японец в ...

第4話 The current situation of Corona virus in Japan, and about Olympic games / 日本のコロナの状況と五輪について

About recent situation in Japan including Covid-19, Olympic Games,and so on. Последняя ситуация Японии в том числе коро...

第3話 Story about Chinese character “Kanji”, and Hiragana, Katakana / 漢字とひらがな、カタカナについて

Today I want to talk about Kanji Hiragana and Katakana. How and when they are used in written language? Then,I talk abo...

第2話 To continue learning languages, you must hear the story that interests you / 語学学習を続けるには興味のある話を聴こう

In this episode, I talk about why I started podcasts, and how I learned foreign languages ever. Let’s try to listen thi...

第1話 K started comprehensible Japanese podcast / 日本語のポッドキャストを始めました

にほんごのポッドキャストをはじめました。1回目は自己紹介と内容の説明です。I started comprehensible Japanese learning podcasts!! Let’s try to listen this!!Эт...